DKEDC host investor’s meeting and WSU’s Center for Economic Development and Business Research director

Friday, August 19, 2022

The Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation met with their investors last night to show their appreciation. A presentation about Kansas’ economy by Jeremy Hill, director of the Center for Economic Development and Business Research in Wichita State University, followed dinner and awards.

After dinner, Kent Campbell, director of the DKEDC, gave a short presentation on economic numbers in Dickinson County from 2018 to December of 2021. 429 jobs were retained or created. 73 were retained. 356 were created, 83 by new businesses and 273 by existing businesses. DKEDC has assisted 425 businesses. For projects, 561 have been started. 28 projects are currently being worked on. 24 new businesses have been produced as products of these projects. The total investment, which is the reinvestment DKEDC projects have made back into the county’s economy, is $52,991,612.51. $16,230,750 of the total is from new businesses. $35,760,882.51 is from existing businesses.

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