Live Here

We encourage you to discover what we have – Dickinson County is an excellent place to grow a career or business, and to raise a family. If you are looking for a new home, Dickinson County will welcome you with open arms.

Strong Traditions. Vibrant Living.

A ‘modern-day Mayberry’ can easily be used to describe our charming and family-friendly communities. Here, families can live in comfort and safety while benefiting from good jobs, a strong school system, excellent healthcare and plentiful recreation opportunities. Whether a young couple is in search of their first home, a family is looking for a better place to raise their kids, or a couple is looking to retire in comfort – Dickinson County is the place to be.

This is the heartland of America. We are known for strong family values, hard work, patriotism, strong communities and natural beauty. Plus, since Dickinson County is so affordable, our residents have a strong quality of life, without the stress that can come from living in a major metropolitan area.

On the weekend residents have an abundance of recreational and cultural activities to choose from. Golfers can enjoy one of our three courses, couples can listen to live music playing at local bars and restaurants, history lovers can visit the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Museum, kids can swim in public pools or play on ball fields, and families can spend weeks exploring all of the incredible destinations found throughout our county.

Dickinson County has the best of all worlds – good jobs and a strong economy combined with a good education system, excellent healthcare low cost of living and an abundance of entertainment and recreation opportunities. We invite you to explore and to discover all that Dickinson County has to offer you and your family.