Target Industries

Dickinson County is growing and thriving. Our county offers businesses many strategic advantages such as immediate access to I-70, available commercial property, low cost of living, hardworking people and supportive entrepreneurial culture. All industries can thrive in this environment – and do! Still, there are specific industries that are primed for growth within the county and who may experience even greater benefits from our location and local assets. These are the manufacturing, distribution, agriculture and startup industries.


Dickinson County is home to a large manufacturing sector, primarily comprised of homegrown businesses. Local entrepreneurs took their ideas and found that the county offered the support, workforce and assistance they required to turn those ideas into a reality. Businesses like Great Plains Manufacturing Inc., Rawhide Portable Corral and Land Pride, a manufacturer of turf equipment, build products in Dickinson County that are shipped and sold throughout the United States.

Manufacturing companies benefit from access to affordable commercial real estate, a ready and able workforce, lack of red tape and a community looking to support their growth. When combined with immediate access to rail, I-70 and nearby airports, manufacturing companies have everything they need to grow in Dickinson County.


Distribution and logistics companies will find that locating in Dickinson County makes it easier to make a profit. First, the county is located in the heartland of America – a central location from which to base operations and easily reach the rest of the country. This location makes it possible to spend less time and money transporting goods. Simultaneously, the county is located on a major interstate – I-70 and within 20 miles of I-35, making it even faster for trucks to get on the road and to their destination.

As a rail-served community, distribution and logistics companies can choose to transport goods via rail instead, or to utilize our two nearby airports.

Simultaneously, available and affordable commercial space makes it possible to purchase or build a large warehouse and begin operating quickly.


The agricultural industry has been the backbone of Dickinson County since it was first formed by settlers and ranchers. Agriculture has remained strong in the area, and with support from local grain elevators like Flint Hills Grain LLC, Adm Milling Co., and Agri Trails Cooperative, farmers can commoditize their products and get them to the marketplace.

Technology, innovation and creativity also define Dickinson County’s agricultural industry. This is not a stagnant industry but one that is growing and changing as technology is being utilized to create more sustainable crops or to manufacture new food products, both of which takes place in Dickinson County.

Local agricultural companies like PrairieLand Partners, Cow Town Nutrition, Central Valley Ag, Crop Service Center, Inc., Abilene Machine and Mid Kansas Cooperative Association are benefiting from Dickinson County’s land assets, affordable cost of doing business and central location. To discover what they have – that Dickinson County is an excellent place to do business, contact the DKEDC.


Entrepreneurs are heading to Dickinson County to start or grow their business. Our low cost of doing business and supportive entrepreneurial culture makes it easier for them to get off the ground and to thrive. Many entrepreneurs have found that their savings can stretch farther, and they can become profitable faster because commercial space and business expenses cost a fraction of what they do elsewhere. In fact, a business owner can purchase a downtown building and equipment for $75,000, live upstairs and spend very little on business and personal overhead.