Dickinson County’s Homegrown Businesses Are Thriving. Come be a part of our story.

Located off I-70, Dickinson County, Kansas is the ideal location for manufacturing, agriculture and distribution companies moving raw materials and finished products throughout the country. With a robust infrastructure, broadband, affordable real estate costs, and a pro-business climate, Dickinson County is attracting entrepreneurs, investors and executives from across the United States. We encourage you to discover what we have – Dickinson County is an excellent place to grow a business and a family.

Our communities are known as a modern-day Mayberry. They have everything families need to thrive – good schools, safety, youth sports, and plenty of recreation opportunities like public swimming pools and parks. Adults enjoy these benefits too, spending time walking along our trails, fishing at the lake, golfing, attending a live theater performance or dining at one of our fabulous restaurants. With virtually no traffic and low housing costs, our residents have the time and money to enjoy the many amenities found in Dickinson County.

This high affordability is also attracting entrepreneurs looking to spend less on living expenses and more on growing their business. The low cost of living combined with the business support provided by organizations like DKEDC makes our county one of the best places to start a business in the country. We invite you to explore and discover why so many are choosing Dickinson County.