The Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation (DKEDC) is focused on growing the economy in Dickinson County, Kansas through business retention and expansion, business recruitment, workforce development and the promotion of quality of life initiatives.

We invite business owners, executives, site selectors and community members to contact us for information on the county, to learn about business and development opportunities or for general business assistance. As a one-stop-shop for local and prospective businesses, the services we provide are:

  • Site information and tours
  • Community surveys
  • Assistance with permitting, zoning, and starting a business in the county
  • Information and connections to financial assistance and tax incentives
  • Workforce support including job fairs, recruitment assistance, access to workforce training programs and more!

DKEDC Mission

Our mission is to further the economic development of Dickinson County, Kansas by promoting and assisting the growth and development of Business and Industry; as well as addressing all business concerns within Dickinson County.


  • Promote Dickinson County’s assets and resources to enhance economic growth in the region.
  • Retain and expand existing industries and businesses in Dickinson County to ensure their continued operation and growth.
  • Recruit and negotiate with new business and industries that are best suited for Dickinson County that will produce sustainable developments with quality jobs to strengthen the local economy
  • Actively promote Dickinson County and the communities within Dickinson County, by working in close liaison with State, Local and Regional partners.
  • Work with local and regional partners to strengthen the quality and quantity of the Dickinson County workforce.
  • Work with local and regional partners, and local businesses to identify and overcome any Local, State and or Federal obstacles that prohibit the successful implementation of economic development in Dickinson County