Grow Here

Grow your business in Dickinson County, Kansas. Here, you can save money, benefit from a hardworking and loyal workforce, and have easy access to the rest of the country using our best-in-class infrastructure.

It costs less to run a business in Dickinson County

Grow here to benefit from a low cost of doing business, including low real estate costs. With affordable commercial real estate, abundant raw land and low lease rates, it is possible for businesses to save money just by changing their zip code.

Our workforce is hardworking and ready to contribute

Grow here to benefit from our skilled, hardworking and loyal workforce. Dickinson County benefits from a steady supply of trained workers who are accustomed to working long hours on local farms. There is no harder worker than farmers who get up at the break of dawn and often work another job, in addition to their duties on the farm. This translates into a level of dedication that manufacturing, distribution and companies in any industry can benefit from. In addition, service members leaving the Fort Riley military base provide another pool of skilled workers, adding value to local companies.

Businesses benefit from our robust infrastructure

Grow here to leverage transportation and infrastructure assets like immediate access to I-70, rail and two regional airports.

Dickinson County makes it easy to access financial incentives and support

Grow here by leveraging the tax advantages and financial incentives available for businesses locating in Kansas. In addition, Dickinson County has five strong local banks open to financing business operations and commercial real estate.

Contact the DKEDC and grow here

To learn more about the advantages of locating in Dickinson County, or for resources and assistance, contact the DKEDC.