DKEDC Announces Next Economic Development Strategic Plan and Driving Dickinson County Campaign

Monday, August 09, 2021


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Dickinson County, KS (July 13th, 2021) – The Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation (DKEDC) kicked off their new Driving Dickinson County capital campaign with community leaders at DK Sports located in Chapman, KS on Tuesday, July 13, 2021, at 4:30 p.m. with over 100 attendees from all over Dickinson County. Driving Dickinson County will provide funding for the next five years of DKEDC’s strategic plan for economic growth. The campaign has set a goal of $1.5 million in total over the next five years and has already had a strong start with over $1,200,000 in pledges from 56 investors from all across the county.

Campaign co-chair, Doug Smart, Smart Insurance, explains the reasoning behind the name Driving Dickinson County, “We wanted to convey that DKEDC is sensitive to the agricultural and rural heritage of the Chisholm Trail cattle drives which began our path toward economic prosperity. DKEDC is now driving the future direction and efforts of economic development in Dickinson County as an excellent place for business, grow future economic opportunity for all, and expand our economy.”

Smart announced Driving Dickinson County has received $1,237,250,000 dollars in future pledged commitments, or over 82% of the campaign goal of $1.5 million. “The investors are making substantial commitments in helping drive our future economic growth and are committed to making Dickinson County a successful, competitive area for more jobs and economic prosperity. We have a diverse group of investors including large, medium, and small businesses and local governments from across the county. All have a stake in the future

of our county.” Smart said.

DKEDC Campaign co-chair, Cassy Wilson of Rawhide Portable Corral, Inc., reviewed past economic development accomplishments including the recent expansions of Land’s Pride/Great Plains, Manufacturing, Incorporated – Land Pride division, Russel Stovers, the CEO Program, Dollar Tree new store announcements and many other projects all over the county. DKEDC provided assistance to 298 businesses all over Dickinson County during the last three years.

Some of Driving Dickinson County’s goals for 2022-2026 are 350 new jobs, $50 million of investment, and 400 interviews of existing Dickinson County businesses over the life of the fiveyear program.

Dennis Weese, Chairman of DKEDC, reiterated the importance of supporting economic development, “Economic development is on a global scale. It is incumbent upon us to gather the resources so our county can compete with the rest of the world.”

Driving Dickinson County Campaign co-chair Doug Smart, announced the name of the economic development initiative. “To aid in marketing the county to existing and new businesses, the DKEDC Board of Directors named the economic development strategic fiveyear strategic plan “Driving Dickinson County”. This both represents our region and the aspiration of growing our economy.” said Smart.

Chuck Scott, Executive Director of DKEDC, overviewed the organization’s significant results of over $40 M of investments, over 400 jobs created or retained, and over 300 businesses assisted. Strategies for the next five years focused on the initiatives of business retention and expansion, business recruitment and marketing, community branding and marketing, entrepreneurship, and workforce (people) attraction. Scott emphasized the organization works on projects all over the county and has office hours in various communities. “Housing and daycare expansion are high priorities on our plate right now to enable employers to attract more workers”, said Scott.

DKEDC will continue to work with city, county and state officials to help retain and expand existing companies and to attract new business to Dickinson County. DKEDC is located at 203 NW 15th, Abilene, KS 67410. For information on how you can support or be involved in the Driving Dickinson County Campaign, please contact Doug Kinsinger, 785- 554-8785,


Chuck Scott
Executive Director
Dickinson County Economic Development Corporation

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