Affordable Real Estate Abundant in Dickinson County

Monday, January 20, 2020

From the millennial looking for a starter home or the retiree hoping to stretch savings beyond a residence, Dickinson County provides advantages in the real estate market for all interested parties.

Homeowners here pay 52 percent of the national average for a comparable home elsewhere. The average home price in Abilene is $107,000 and in Herington is $58,500. Renters find monthly rates for apartments just over $400 or $1,500 for a large family home. 

And these prices aren’t for lacking, fixer-uppers! Dickinson County provides a wide supply of real estate for all budgets, from historic homes to new construction.

See what local real estate is available now on our website here. And to read more about the bountiful reasons to live in Dickinson County, check out our website here.

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