September Successes

Wednesday, October 09, 2019

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September 2019 Successes


  1. DKEDC staff worked with the Dickinson County CEO Steering Committee and were able to reach their minimum investor commitment of 35 investors before October 1st, which allows the Dickinson County CEO Board of Directors to begin the process of scheduling training and start the process of hiring a facilitator for the program.
  2. The Kansas Department of Commerce approached DKEDC staff about an opportunity to recruit an animal protein production facility looking to move to our area of Kansas.  DKEDC staff worked with the Kansas Department of Commerce to prepare and present a recruitment proposal to the company's site selection team and are waiting to hear back from the team on the proposal.
  3. DKEDC staff has been working with the Kansas Department of Commerce (KDC) on a proposed Drone Ports program for the past several months.  The Herington Regional Airport met the needs that the KDC was looking for, and the DKEDC staff had provided KDC with information to use to seek prospective companies interested in the Drone Ports program.  Additionally, DKEDC staff was able to put together a partnership with the City of Herington and Morris County Economic Development Corporation to work together on any interest generated by the KDC.  In September, KDC notified the DKEDC staff that an East Coast company had sent in a request for information.  We have notified the search team contact for the company that we would be glad to provide additional information as needed.
  4. The North Central Regional Planning Commission approved a county-wide business signage program for Dickinson County for $25,000.  DKEDC staff will promote and accept applications for the program.  DKEDC started accepting applications on October 1st.  The application and information on the program are available on the website.
  5. DKEDC staff has worked with the Garfield, LLC developers on the Garfield senior living project since March 1, 2018, and as was reported in the Abilene newspaper at the end of September the Garfield, LLC developers got approval of a Resolution of Intent from the City of Abilene to issue IRBs to assist with their development.

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