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Dennis Weese

Past Chair of the Board

Department: DKEDC Board

Dennis was born and raised in South West Colorado and lived and worked farming, ranching, and a Fuel Distribution business with his family.
Dennis graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester NY with a degree in Business Administration, and holds an Associate’s degree in Accounting from Community College of the Finger Lakes, also in Upstate NY. Dennis lived and worked on his Uncle Jim’s Upstate farm before, during and after his college years and also traveled the nation showing horses for the family and then on to serving other clients with their horses and their own desire to grow and be better. These efforts led to a career as a Professional Horse trainer and that led him to Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

New Hampshire led Dennis to Elizabeth, and they have four children, Trisha, Kaileigh, Alexandria and Judah. All of that led Dennis to a “real” job in Salina, KS in 1992. Dennis worked as an IBM Midrange Computer salesperson all over KS and when Elizabeth found a farmhouse in Dickinson County coming up for Auction in 1998, Dickinson County became home to the Weese family.

Elizabeth is the Executive Director of the Community Foundation of Dickinson County and as a family Dennis and Elizabeth have made serving this county with all they have.

When asked why he believes DKEDC is important to Dickinson County, Dennis stated
“Family and business are the fundamental building blocks of Society and there is no other organization that I could serve where we can do more for our County than the efforts here at the DKEDC. Dickinson County has such a rich history of success and I want to ensure that we also have a rich Future of Success for the next and following generations here in Dickinson County Kansas.”